ðŸŠķThe Phoenixes Lore & The 8 Elemental Factions

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The Lore

🌄The Kingdom

For thousands of years, Phoenixes roamed the Kynonian Kingdom in plentiful numbers. They were beautiful, fierce, & vibrant creatures capable of soaring higher than any other living creature.

The Kingdom was divided into 8 factions: Ice, Voltaic, Light, Dark, Air, Water, Earth, & Fire.

16 Phoenixes served on the Elder Council, the governing body of the Kynonian Kingdom. Each faction sent their 2 strongest and wisest members to serve and protect the Kingdom.

Each faction had their duties, their land, and their culture, but the 8 factions always lived in peace. Though each Phoenix was powerful on its own, its true strength could only be accessed through the unseen force that connected them to the rest of their communities. The more of these unbreakable bonds they formed, the greater their combined power became.

Together as the Phoenixes, they all nourished, protected, and supported each other through every stage of their life cycle - life, death, and rebirth.

But the Phoenixes never truly died; when one chapter of their lives came to a close, they underwent a Rebirth Ritual. Led by shamans, they ignited into a beautiful swirling rage of fire that caressed the sky with ribbons of crimson and gold for days, months, or even years before dwindling to embers. When they were needed in the Kynonian Kingdom again, from the ashen mess they rose anew.

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