๐ŸŸขThe Dreamstones

Each community within the Kynonian Kingdom played a vital role in ensuring their kindโ€™s survival & success. Some Phoenixes, however, had a different vision for their kind and were willing to sacrifice the safety and values of their communities in exchange for something far more powerful.

In the fourth millenia of their existence, a group of Phoenixes discovered a rocky formation of Dreamstones - a powerful gem capable of trapping other Phoenixes in a dreamlike state, and allowing the gem holder to explore and control their minds.

After this discovery, others also sought out Dreamstone. Some explorers were enamored with the mystery and adventure, others with the idea of harnessing such power. Eventually, Dreamstones were discovered in each of the factions.

Many attempted to harness the immense power of the Dreamstones. Few succeeded, but the ones that did took the stonesโ€™ Magick and left a distinct trail of devastation in its wake. It was the ultimate power, but it came at the ultimate cost.

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