ðŸ’ĨThe Awakening

While in Dreamstate, however, the subconscious of the Phoenixes continued to fight. Their minds desired nothing more than to regain their community bonds and continue the millenia old life-cycles of life, death, and rebirth, that the Kingdom depended on to survive.

And then it happened. After centuries in Dreamstate, Lady Arvista was the first to awaken. Driven by her steadfast resolve to protect her kingdom, she was able to break the Dreamstate Magick.

When she awoke, she found her Magick had weakened significantly and quickly understood that the Kingdom was in danger without the Rebirth Rituals and community bonds needed to sustain Magick.

Ikaros and The Shadows now ruled the Kingdom, with new leaders replacing the old and lawlessness taking over. Without the customs and order imposed by the Elder Council, society changed. What started out as a fight for freedom, turned into a society where hedonism ran rampant within The Shadows.

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