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Lady Arvista traveled through the Kingdom, faction by faction, and used what remained of her Magick to awaken as many Dreamstate Phoenixes as she could. She proposed to them the formation of the Order of the Undivided, a new, joint army in the fight against the Shadows of Sybaria.

This story has been leading up to this moment. The fight has just begun and the Phoenixes will need all the help they can get.

The Order is now on a mission to awaken each member of the Phoenixes to build up enough power to forge a new, unbreakable community.

The Order will continue to operate in the elemental factions, with each faction having a role in eliminating the ongoing threat of the Shadows of Sybaria. The Shadows, however, lurk among the factions, coaxing Phoenixes back into Dreamstate.

Awaken your inner Phoenix and take your place in defending the Kynonian Kingdom.

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