The 8 Elemental Factions

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🧊 The Ice Faction - The Kryos Division

Ice Faction Art
Ice Faction Story
Ice Faction Traits
Ice Faction Phoenixes
At the dawn of the Phoenixes’ existence, they all lived in what is now known as the Arvista Icelands. Closed in on all sides by a wide river, the lush fields of the area made it perfectly habitable for all of the Phoenixes, regardless of their element - at least until their numbers grew too vast to inhabit only one area.
After careful exploration of the surrounding areas, the Phoenixes began branching out into a variety of different areas, settling down into smaller communities in the locations that best allowed them to hone their elemental magick. Those with cryomancy abilities, however, chose to remain in their homelands and make it their own, covering the fields and surrounding river in a dense sheet of ice.
Now, the Ice Faction stands at the forefront of research, technology, and engineering, producing a wealth of revolutionary - though sometimes dangerous - advancements. Their leader, Lady Arvista - an intelligent, pragmatic, and highly powerful ice mage - rules over the entire Kynonian Kingdom from her palace in the Arvista Icelands.
Faction Specialty:
Faction Traits:
  • Analytical
  • Organized
  • Blunt
  • Scholarly
Faction Specific Accessory:
Scholar’s Tome: Rarely seen without an armful of academic materials and research notebooks, phoenixes in the Ice Faction can accessorize with a Scholar’s Tome of their own.

⚡ The Voltaic Faction - The Eldian Division

Voltaic Faction Art
Voltaic Faction Story
Voltaic Faction Traits
Voltaic Faction Phoenixes
Located closest to the Arvista Icelands, the thundering hills of Stormhaven Point made for the perfect training base for the Kingdom’s Vanguard - highly skilled warriors that provided safety to the royal Arvista family and enforced the laws of the land.
These warriors were known far and wide for their unique fighting skills, combining combat training, swordsmanship, and ceraunomancy skills that allowed them to bend lightning to their will. Headed by Captain Vance, those in the Voltaic Faction dedicate their lives to protecting their fellow Phoenixes and eliminating the threat posed by the Shadows.
Faction Specialty:
Vanguard Soldiers
Faction Traits:
  • Strong
  • Stoic
  • Resilient
  • Authoritative
Faction Specific Accessory:
Vanguard Shield: This special shield/weapon combination, pioneered by Captain Vance himself, is the perfect accessory for any soldier of the Vanguard.

The Light Faction - The Aetherian Division

Light Faction Art
Light Faction Story
Light Faction Traits
Light Faction Phoenixes
Upon finding an area of the land to call home, the powerful practitioners of aetherial light magick used their powers to carve their home out of the Earth, lifting it high into the sky where they could harness the aether of the gods. Channeling their powers into a crystalline structure at the center of the island, they filled the island with enough magick to keep it suspended indefinitely, thus naming it the Eternal Isles.
The wise shamans of the Light Faction, play a vital role in completing the rebirth cycle by guiding their fellow Phoenixes through intensive Rebirth Rituals.Lumina, the ancient shamanic chief ruling over the Eternal Isles, serves as the leader of the Light Faction. Despite her shamanic oath to remain passive, Lumina’s divination, healing, and defensive magick skills remain invaluable assets to the Order of the Undivided.
Faction Specialty:
Faction Traits:
  • Wise
  • Intuitive
  • Eccentric
  • Patient
Faction Specific Accessory:
Solarshine: This powerful ball of solarshine is often used by the Shamans to guide their path - both by lighting the way, and by allowing them to visualize through divination.

The Dark Faction - The Seidyrian Division

Dark Faction Art
Dark Faction Story
Dark Faction Traits
Dark Faction Phoenixes
Situated deep in the Ebon Frontier, the mage assassins of the Dark Faction live and train in the shadows to improve their noctomancy skills, allowing them to master the art of stealth and learn how manipulate the shadows to do their bidding. Though primarily used defensively, noctomancy is carefully taught by only the most experienced archmages due to its high potential to become volatile.
Their leader of the Dark Faction, Vasilius, was once a highly-respected archmage of noctomancy, having instructed Ikaros before The Severance. In strengthening and honing his magick abilities, he hopes to find a solution powerful enough to counter Dreamstate Magick.
Faction Specialty:
Mage Assassins
Faction Traits:
  • Perceptive
  • Strategic
  • Enigmatic
  • Individualistic
Faction Specific Accessory:
Dark Mage’s Orb: These orbs, when conjured by the mages of the Dark Faction, allow the holder to remain cloaked in shadows to avoid detection.
Shadow Lantern: Even for an experienced noctomancer, what lurks in the shadows can be immensely dangerous. Don’t venture out without a light!

The Air Faction - The Aerisian Division

Air Faction Art
Air Faction Story
Air Faction Traits
Air Faction Phoenixes
Seeking somewhere with a great vantage point to place their flight academy, the brave Sentinels of the Air Faction flocked to the highest peaks of Brightwing Mountain to watch over the entire Kynonian Kingdom. Using aeromancy to amplify their flight abilities and perform spectacular aerial manouvers in combat, the Sentinels were able to stave off any and all external threats for centuries.
They failed, however, in staving off the internal threat posed by the Shadows. In the early days of The Severance, The Shadows of Sybaria targeted the Sentinels in an attempt to leave the rest of the kingdom without the watchful eyes and solemn protection of their main security task force.
The commander of the Sentinels, Fjuros, is now dedicated to leading the Air Faction, bringing together and training a Sentinel force that’s better than ever.
Faction Specialty:
Faction Traits:
  • Curious
  • Independent
  • Observant
  • Daring
  • Thoughtful
Faction Specific Accessory:
Aviation Goggles: A must-have accessory for any Sentinel, these goggles shield the eyes from harsh winds while zooming about at top speeds!
Aviation Compass: As any experienced Sentinel commander will tell you, the skies are vast and all it takes is a little bit of cloudcover to disorient a Phoenix in flight. When in doubt, compass out!

The Water Faction - The Vapos Division

Water Faction Art
Water Faction Story
Water Faction Traits
Water Faction Phoenixes
Explorers by nature, those in the Water Faction ventured furthest away from their birthplace. Curious as to what lies past the sea, beyond the confines of the Kynonian Kingdom, they settled down in the seaside town of Forestsong Falls.
Using their hydromancy skills to tame the tides, the Phoenixes in this faction became adept sailors and skilled fishermen, supplying the kingdom with fishy delights and brokering trade among each of the factions. The stunning nearby waterfall feeds directly into the Aegirian Sea, splitting into a wide second water channel that makes for the perfect trade route, allowing them to conveniently travel between regions of the Kingdom on ships.
Their leader, Gil - a former merchant mariner with a checkered past - seeks to ‘right’ his past ‘wrongs’ by not only leading his community, but also ensuring that goods and supplies make it to each of the other factions
Faction Specialty:
Merchant Mariners
Faction Traits:
  • Sensitive
  • Authentic
  • Imaginative
  • Friendly
Faction Specific Accessory:
Raindrop Sphere: Show off your impressive hydromancy skills by conjuring a special Raindrop Sphere.
Sailing Compass: No sailor is fully equipped to set sail without their trusty sailing compass to guide them and ensure their safe passage!
Nautical Map: This nautical map of the Kynonian Kindgom and the Aegirian Sea is marked with all the safe ports and trade destinations in the region!
Navigator’s Pack: These packs - traditionally worn by crew members of trade ships responsible for providing navigation instructions to the captain - can ensure that your Phoenix never loses their way.

The Earth Faction - The Gaian Division

Earth Faction Art
Earth Faction Story
Earth Faction Traits
Earth Faction Phoenixes
The free-spirited Phoenixes of the Earth Faction founded a settlement bordered by the dense woodlands of Featherrune Forest to the South, and beautiful sprawling fields to the North.
Believing this to be the perfect place to sow crops and gather alchemical ingredients, they laid claim to the area and used their geomancy skills to quickly erect sturdy buildings of stone, wood, and clay. With their resident master alchemist, Eternus, at the helm, the Earth Faction began to thrive in agriculture and alchemy.
With an oath to protect and nourish the world we live in, members of the Earth Faction value the sanctity of all life and thus prefer to be passive. However, they aren’t afraid to use their deep connection with nature when threatened.
Faction Specialty:
Faction Traits:
  • Grounded
  • Diligent
  • Dependable
  • Resourceful
Faction Specific Accessory:
Potions: Coming in 3 rejuvenating options, these basic potions are an essential for any traveler’s satchel!
Saplings: Special saplings from the Featherrune Forest are perfect for advanced potionmaking.

The Fire Faction - The Pyros Division

Fire Faction Art
Fire Faction Story
Fire Faction Traits
Fire Faction Phoenixes
Whether you’re looking for the most dazzling shows in the kingdom or show-stopping firearms, look no further than to the creative and passionate pyrotechnic experts of the Fire Faction.
Residing in the Smoldering Haven, the Phoenixes of the Fire Faction work toward mastering the use of pyromancy under the strong leadership of Solvias - a playful pyromaniac with a talent for tinkering. Providing both dazzling shows and show-stopping firearms, the creative and passionate pyrotechnic experts are often the talk of the Kingdom.
Though their inventions were primarily geared toward theatre and entertainment before The Severance, the Fire Faction now works to engineer new gadgets, gizmos, and explosives to aid the Order of the Undivided in putting a stop to the Shadows.
Faction Specialty:
Faction Traits:
  • Outgoing
  • Humorous
  • Impatient
  • Flamboyant
Faction Specific Accessory:
Dynamite Stick: Specially engineered sticks of dynamite from the Fire Faction are sure to clear any debris from your path - and produce quite a lightshow.
Blaze Wings: create Smoldering Winds
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