The Shadows of Sybaria

One hallowed night, Ikaros and his followers - nicknamed The Shadows - stole the Dreamstones and all study materials on Dreamstate Magick from the Elder Council.
The Shadows of Sybaria wasted no time attempting to master the forbidden Magick. And soon they did. Ikaros was determined to deploy Dreamstate Magick to trap every Phoenix who would not denounce the Elder Council in a dream-like captivity. Ikaros hoped that in this dream-like captivity, the Phoenixes would learn what it was like to live freely, without the Elder Council.
Tools of mastering Dreamstate Magick
Slowly and methodically, the Shadows of Sybaria began to divide and conquer their fellow Phoenixes and trap them in Dreamstate.
As the Phoenixes community dwindled, so did the source of their power. With every bond broken by the Dreamstate Magick, the surviving members’ found it harder to fight back.
Soon, there was no one left to defend the old ways and the Kynonian Kingdom was left in the hands of The Shadow of Sybaria.