⛈️Trouble Within

For the sake of their kind’s survival, the Elder Council agreed that each faction was to surrender their Dreamstones and declared the study and practice of Dreamstate Magick expressly forbidden. The stones, as well as all related academic materials, were locked away under the watchful eyes of the Elder Council.

Ikaros, a talented and studious mage apprentice, felt that banning Dreamstate Magick violated their intrinsic rights and freedoms. Enlisting the help of his archmage, Ikaros petitioned the Elder Council to reinstate the study of it.

He argued that the Phoenixes could never hope to fully understand the world around them if their freedom to study every aspect of it was restricted. Ikaros, enraged by the Elder Council’s repeated refusal to allow the study of Dreamstate Magick, called on his fellow Phoenixes to renounce their loyalty to the Elder Council in exchange for the freedom to become powerful beyond measure.

Many heeded his calling and The Shadows of Sybaria was born, with Ikaros at the helm.

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